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One of the great aspects of a culinary arts career is that it doesn't take an undergraduate degree to get started, so a student can get into school, take their courses, get a job, and then if they don't really like working evenings in a kitchen, they can go back to school and start something else. It's not like becoming a doctor where you have to spend seven years training only to find out that you don't really like the job.

If you find that working in a restaurant isn't your ideal job, there are so many other careers to consider. One field that quite a few people find interesting, but only a small quantity actually get involved with is interior design. Interior designers don't have to have a bachelor's degree to start working, but it sure helps. Most schools don't offer interior design degrees, but you can look for one in Illinois or you can narrow your choices to just the Chicago metro area.

Another career option is business. One of the strongest and safest sectors of business to get into is accounting.

Accounting has a reputation of being a boring job, but it really isn't. An accountant is a professional who helps set up, record and maintain financial data and records. They also analyze financial records and prepare tax returns and other financial documents. They often go on to earn their Certified Public Accountant designation. You can read more about education options here.


Academic possibilities and different college alternatives may include first-rate public colleges.
More academic opportunities to seek education programs in fields like elementary education, management, political science, nursing and others.
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