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Education and Career Options

Culinary school isn't for everyone. If you find out that becoming a professional chef isn't in your future, you can certainly try something else. There are so many different choices in college majors and future careers, sometimes narrowing the list down is just the hardest part. One field that has a high popularity factor amongst those in it is graphic design. Graphic designers produce artwork and design for organization and companies to use in advertising and marketing. If you don't have any art talent, design might be a struggle for you. Look for local schools that offer design degrees.

Another option that students have is restaurant management.

Some people have an interest in working at a restaurant, but don't really want to spend the whole time in the kitchen.

Good restaurant managers will have some solid training and skills. A good business degree program will help students develope their other skills. Some of the traits that these programs try to develop include business fundamentals, leadership, business and personal communication, customer service skills, basic finance and marketing skills. You can browse some articles about management programs.


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